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“Adrienne is a pragmatic visionary with a lifelong passion for helping people discover their dreams and aspirations, then partnering with them to make those dreams a reality. Her ability to connect with people on a personal as well as professional level has been part of her career for as long as she can remember. You can count on her to design a plan that meets your needs and benefits you practically and personally.

Adrienne has 6 years real estate experience in the Thames area and a solid background in home loans and customer service, she has always had a passion to help people clients achieve their financial goals.

Adrienne says “There is nothing more gratifying for her than actively engaging with what people are saying, leaving clients assured that they’ve been not only listened to – but heard.” Adrienne’s strong passion for helping people achieve their dreams is accompanied by high personal values is exactly what she can use working for a company such as Trinity network Real Estate, a company that embodies excellence professionally, technologically, and personally”

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