Our Vision

We're not trying to compete as a brand, we're empowering you to compete as an agent.

Our vision is to become the Real Estate agency of choice for agents throughout New Zealand. Empowering our Real Estate partners to become a household name in their local areas.

Trinity Real Estate will support our Real Estate partners to be at the forefront of the industry, continually innovating and improving the way Real Estate is practiced.

Ultimately, we will redefine the perception and value of a Real Estate salesperson.

"We saw entrepreneurial, go-getting Real Estate agents, with heart, who care about their clients, finding themselves trapped in a culture they weren’t at peace with. Having to champion an industry they didn’t identify with and left to make up the rest with little guidance or support."

Ben Dellabarca & Vanessa Jacobsen
Trinity Real Estate Directors

Our Story

We are TRINITY REAL ESTATE - born out of a desire to effect real change in the Real Estate industry in New Zealand, for the better.

At Trinity Real Estate we are passionate about creating a world where the culture of the Real Estate industry is disrupted, reformed, and improved through a fresh way to do business. Driven by our agent-centric business model, ongoing support and re-education of the value of the agent. We simply want to make Real Estate about the people again.

Trinity Real Estate was created by Ben Dellabarca and Vanessa Jacobsen, who saw the need to reimagine the Real Estate industry and bring relationships back to the forefront.

Trinity Real Estate enables and empowers agents by providing the business building blocks for agents to craft their unique value propositions in their local areas.

We don’t stop there, with ongoing support, centralised operations, and business coaches to keep your business growing.

Our Values

Integrity Beyond Convenience

Integrity is our priority. We won’t do, or not do something simply because it is convenient to our situation.

Human Connection supported by digital technology

Although we are leveraging the best technology, it is important that we remain connected. Our connection with people is supported through technology, not the other way around.

Professional Service inspired by creative thinking

Creativity is fundamental, not just in marketing our teams but also in marketing our vendors properties. The only requirement is that the creative thinking is anchored in professional service.

Upskill to simplify

Real estate transactions can be complex, it is important that the team doesn’t just upskill (eg. new law changes) but does so in such a way that we can explain or use what we have learned in a simple and effective way.

Action from rest

As part of a sustainable business model it is important that the team take action from a place of rest. That means a plan is in place to ensure you do what you enjoy outside of real estate.


It is important that everyone feels safe to have open communication and be upfront. This applies within our team culture and also in communication between our real estate partners and their client when it comes to property feedback from buyers or even feedback to the agent on their service levels.

Meet The Team

Our exceptional support team are here to empower our agents to thrive.

Ben Dellabarca

Director + Founder

Ben is a tech innovator and entrepreneur with a long-standing background in real estate.

He is a natural forward thinker with an ability to innovate and think outside the box. Ben is highly motivated with a passion for 'doing Real Estate better,' that you won’t find elsewhere.

Vanessa Jacobsen


Vanessa  brings experience centered around Project Management, Portfolio Analysis and Quality Management Frameworks. Vanessa is passionate about building business cultures that remain true to their values and stand the test of time.

Alan Baxby

Assurance Manager

Having 30 years experience in the Real Estate industry and covering all aspects of the trade; Residential, Commercial & Industrial, Business Sales, Property Management, Subdivision marketing, and property investment. Alan says “Real estate is a passion of mine, and I believe in honesty and professionalism at every level”.

Andrea Rainsford

Operations & Relationship Manager

Andrea is a connector of people and loves helping people achieve their goals. Her 30 years experience in banking and finance, combined with her integrity, friendly communication and great listening skills are key to the support she offers the team.

Andrea loves travelling when she can and enjoying a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon when she can.

Aly Johnson

Lead Designer

Aly has been in the design industry for over 10 years and completed a 3 year Prepress, Graphic Design and Digital Printing trade apprenticeship through PrintNZ / Competenz. She was nominated for the Apprentice of the Year awards and was a top 5 finalists for New Zealand, and was one of only two graphic designers.

Alecia Luxton


Alecia is one of Trinity's exceptional designers.  She's creative, forward thinking in her designs and gives our team the edge they need to stand out in their local market.

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