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Wahid Qambari

Property Sales and Marketing Specialist
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Wahid Qambari – Christchurch Real Estate Agent

Let’s Talk Real Estate with Wahid. 

Wahid believes Real Estate was born out of a recognition that many communities often grapple with significant property decisions, and that they need the comfort of being truly understood to make the best possible choices.  

Wahid is a Real Estate Agent armed with outstanding digital marketing experience, strong negotiation skills and a deep-seated passion for bringing the best forward-thinking experience to his clients. 

More than just a real estate agent; Wahid is a catalyst for change, striving to infuse the often sterile world of real estate with a human touch, backed by powerful digital marketing strategies and negotiation tools. He is passionate about creating a world where great real estate decisions aren’t just about bricks and mortar, but about people and their dreams. 

Wahid Qambari Real Estate is proud to partner with Trinity Real Estate, a like-minded entity that firmly believes real estate needs to be refocused on people. This shared vision makes for a strong partnership, geared towards providing top-tier service to clients. 

To embark on your journey of making confident and informed property decisions, book a Strategy Session to sell your home with Wahid Qambari Real Estate. You can reach Wahid via phone call or by email at wahid@trinitynetwork.co.nz.  

So get in touch and Let’s Talk Real Estate.  

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