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Jeremy Field

Real Estate Consultant

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Jeremy Field – Christchurch Real Estate Agent.

“I’m J.Field Real Estate and my service exists to support and enable the families in my own backyard to navigate their property journeys. I did it for myself, and I thoroughly enjoy getting in there and helping others get through the process. “

J.Field Real Estate was created because the Entry Level Market is incredibly challenging for New Zealanders right now on both sides of the development.

Delays in materials, titles and landing finance are adding barriers to helping families thrive in the early stages of their property journey.

The industry revolves around a series of partnerships that, when handled well, help Christchurch to continue to grow and expand.

Jeremy Field is a Real Estate Expert that seeks to put people before profit by focusing on real advice backed by tested experience. Jeremy’s upfront and authentic manner means he is referred time and time again.

That is why “Real Matters”.

J.Field Real Estate partners Trinity Real Estate who share in his vision to progress what it means to be a Real Estate Expert in Christchurch, New Zealand.

You can book a Strategy Session to sell your home or make an enquiry with J.Field Real Estate at j.field@trinitynetwork.co.nz
or make a call for a friendly consultation on 027 766 3136