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Meet Pete and Elly – The Change Agents. Real Estate Agent Christchurch

Their reputation is for building relationships that last, excellent communication and negotiation skills and surprising their clients beyond their expectations, every time.

Add to this, a wealth of knowledge in the industry and ability to think outside the box and you have a team that comes up with creative solutions for any difficult problem.

They believe that the Real Estate industry deserves authenticity, excellence and innovation, so they made it their mission to bring it back into focus. They see themselves as Change Agents, and they want to transform the industry for the better. The answer is simple: Earn trust, be excellent and be real.

Their promise to their clients is that big decisions deserve long-term relationships and that is what they will provide. Coming from a hospitality mentality means people are at the forefront, providing exceptional service while developing true understanding and empathy for the people they work with.

Pete and Elly have been a dynamic duo for the past 18 years, both in business and in life, and have always been on the lookout for new opportunities and challenges. Pete moved to New Zealand 20 years ago from the US, and quickly met Elly. They have been successful entrepreneurs in multiple hospitality businesses and in the performing arts industry, and have two children aged 13 and 11.

When you work with Pete and Elly, expect an authentic experience. They’ll make sure that you feel like you’re working with friends who have your best interest at heart while providing honest and professional service. They’ll help you navigate the big decisions and transition smoothly.

Trust them to be your Change Agents in the World of Real Estate!