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Property File Terms & Conditions

By downloading the information pack you agree that the documents provided are review copies only and may not be current or complete. The records and reports are subject to update at any time by the issuer or author of the documents. The explanations and information or otherwise given by the Agent are basic introductory information only and as outlined in the disclaimers of any attached documentation.
You agree not to rely on the information and documents supplied, and have been advised by the Agent to obtain your own copies of all documentation, reports and records from the appropriate authority and seek independent professional advice and explanations from your own lawyer or conveyancer.
If you enter into a sale and purchase agreement you do so solely in reliance on your own judgement, independent advice and due diligence investigations. You will not have any right of recovery against the Vendor or Agent in respect of any such representation made from this file or attached documents.

Agent File Terms & Conditions

By downloading the Agent File you agree and accept that any promotion advertised may have already expired without warning or the information contained in the File may no longer be relevant and out of date. You agree not to rely on any information contained in the File or to hold the Agent or Trinity Network liable for any out of date promotion or information. You also agree to all other Terms & Conditions outlined on this page. Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

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