Forget what you know about real estate

(em) powering Real Estates Best

Tailored branding

Branding that is as unique as you are. We work with you to develop a brand that showcases your personality and helps you stand out from the crowd.

  • Personalised logo
  • Personalised web domain
  • Personalised signage and collateral
  • Personalised content
Tailored Commission
  • Local commission rates for your market.
  • Charge in line with your brand position and service levels, or keep it flexible for your vendors.
Earn more commission

We believe in the value you bring to the table. Because of this we’ve worked hard to maximise your commission.

Does up to 90.1% sound reasonable?

Dedicated Business Coach

Our research shows that over 80% of the competencies required to run a successful business sit outside the day-to-day “Real Estate” sales process.

Disrupting the industry is no mean feat. As a Real Estate agent, you are effectively running your own business. This can be demanding, requiring a lot of energy and time. We are all gifted with skills, and where you may not be so strong we step in to bridge the gap.

We want to help you thrive. We do this by empowering you with a dedicated Business Coach… courtesy of Trinity Real Estate. Providing insights, guidance and advice where (and when) you need it most.

Hear from other agents just like you.

Leverage Trinity Business Builder to grow.

Trinity Streams
Training & Development

Scientifically developed training & development for your personal needs. Everything from brand development packages to marketing strategies, the psychology of negotiation and more.

Trinity Tools
Products designed to win

Utilize Trinity tools designed specifically for Real Estate in New Zealand. Including technology such as digital farming tools, vendor strategy sessions and even specialized draw cards for vendors so you can convert more listings.

Trinity Services
Services to make like easy

Take advantage of Trinity Services so that you can focus on what you’re good at. These include services such as Virtual Assistants, Social Media Specialists and even your very own Design Studio.

Did we mention we have built our own Real Estate software for

the New Zealand market?

We're here to talk if you...

...are ready to develop your brand and grow your sales

...are keen to use tools that make selling easier

...are excited about engaging services & support to see you grow

...love the idea of independence but still value connecting with people

...and align with our values

Our Values

Integrity Beyond Convenience

Integrity is our priority. We won’t do, or not do something simply because it is convenient to our situation.

Human Connection supported by digital technology

Although we are leveraging the best technology, it is important that we remain connected. Our connection with people is supported through technology, not the other way around.

Professional Service inspired by creative thinking

Creativity is fundamental, not just in marketing our teams but also in marketing our vendors properties. The only requirement is that the creative thinking is anchored in professional service.

Upskill to simplify

Real estate transactions can be complex, it is important that the team doesn’t just upskill (eg. new law changes) but does so in such a way that we can explain or use what we have learned in a simple and effective way.

Action from rest

As part of a sustainable business model it is important that the team take action from a place of rest. That means a plan is in place to ensure you do what you enjoy outside of real estate.


It is important that everyone feels safe to have open communication and be upfront. This applies within our team culture and also in communication between our real estate partners and their client when it comes to property feedback from buyers or even feedback to the agent on their service levels.

Let's Talk!

"I really want to speak to agents in New Zealand who want to bring something fresh to their local area and do real estate better. I think we have a real opportunity to change the way we think about real estate.

I look forward to talking with you."

Ben Dellabarca
(Founder & Director)